What is a Detailed UXO Risk Assessment?

Stage 2 of our risk mitigation strategy: using both internal and external resources, a Detailed UXO Risk Assessment examines the likelihood of encountering UXO during intrusive ground works on your project – on land or offshore.

Our detailed reports utilise extensive historical digital archives, maps, library and internet resources plus our unique UXO geo-database – which includes data that is not available in the public domain.

The Assessment will confirm a UXO risk level for your project, and if necessary, we will provide recommendations for the most appropriate risk mitigation measures to support ground works so that they proceed safely.

Our detailed reports consider:

  • The risk that the site was contaminated with UXO
  • The risk that UXO still remains
  • The risk of encountering UXO
  • The risk of initiating UXO
  • The consequences of encounter or initiation

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Thorough, Concise & Accurate

Our Detailed UXO Risk Assessments utilise sources including local and national archives, historical and bomb census mapping, high-resolution WWII-era aerial photography, written ARP bomb incident reports and Luftwaffe target information.

All data collected is presented within the report, and the risk levels and conclusions are reviewed by our Quality Assurance and Senior Management Team.

Every report is meticulously produced to help you fully understand any potential risk involved and, if necessary, any risk mitigation measures required.

Research criteria for Detailed UXO Risk Assessments:

  • Over 2,700 individual reports have been produced for projects across the UK
  • Extensive geo-datasets of UXO related information and sources
  • Large in-house library and digital archive comprising over 140,000 files and documents
  • Archival information/visits for every detailed report
  • Work and site specific risk mitigation recommendations

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